Sunday, October 29, 2006

Whose Idea was this?

The Erudite Pagan is a new forum serving an age-old purpose.

The owner and editor of The Seeker Journal, John M. Morris, expressed interest in an electronic magazine that would reflect the quality and caliber of work that was once published in the paper edition of The Seeker.

The Seeker's chief editor, Misti Anslin Delaney, liked the idea well enough that she poked her husband, Rodney Smith, in the ribs and asked him to set up this site on blogspot. So, here we are, the three former editors of The Seeker, starting a new magazine which we will call "The Erudite Pagan"

Much like The Seeker before it, E.P is looking for quality articles written by folks who not only know their stuff, but know how to communicate their understanding to others.

It is Sumhain 2006, Misti and John and I have just shared a quiet celebration (with our little guy, Jack), the wheel of the year has turned full circle... and I promised John that this site would be up before he got home!!

I trust that you will enjoy this journey as much as we are bound to.

Take Care